9 Women’s Scrub Tops for Aestheticians

Take a look at these chic, professional tops for salon and spa workers.

Scrub tops form an essential part of the wardrobe for many industries. In particular, the wellness industry relies on scrub tops to maintain a neat and professional appearance in salons and spas across the country.

While workers in these industries do not operate under the same conditions as those in the medical industry, their work does involve close contact with their clients, and can often be physically demanding. From hair and skin care to waxing, massage, and make up, they benefit from a functional uniform that is easy to move around in and keep clean.

At the same time, beauty and wellness professionals are conscious of their appearance, as they know it will be scrutinized more closely by their clients. Because of this, their uniform needs to serve dual duty as both a practical garment and stylish workwear.

Fortunately, we’ve found a selection of scrub tops for aestheticians that we believe will fit the bill exactly. Take a look at our round-up and see if anything catches your eye!

1. Sleek, round-necked top from Cherokee Workwear.

round neck raglan scrub top for aestheticians

If you want to keep the aesthetic at your salon clean and professional, this round neck top from Cherokee Workwear is a perfect place to start. With spacious patch pockets and a raglan fit along the neckline, it is the perfect blend of comfort and utility. We like this top best in neutral tones, such as gray, pewter, or khaki, but it comes in a range of other colors as well.

2. Ribbed V-neck top with rose gold details.

navy scrub top for aestheticians with rose gold accents

This stylish scrub top from Cherokee combines slim-fitting princess seams with rose gold hardware for a look that is both trendy and professional. Soft knit fabric contributes to the comfort and ease of movement for this top, while welt pockets and a secure zipper pocket provide the functionality you need to get your work done. We consider this top to be an all-around winner for both style and practicality.

3. Knit V-neck top with contrasting side panels.

neat, functional scrub top for aestheticians

This V-neck scrub top is deceptively simple. With side panels in a soft, stretchy knit, it checks all the boxes for comfort, but it also features hidden pockets and a flattering fit. It comes in a range of contrasting colors, which is perfect for salons that are hoping to find a uniform to match their brand.

4. Zip-front top with front zip pockets.

royal blue scrub top with gold zipper down the front

We are all about the statement this scrub top makes with its rose gold zipper running down the front. The zippers at the waist pockets are a great matching detail that pull the look together while providing additional functionality. The knit construction ensures this top will have great mobility without compromising on style.

5. V-neck scrub top with zipper details.

black scrub top with gold zipper accents

If you liked the zipper details on the last scrub top, here’s another modern design with zipper accents. The princess seams and knit panels on this top create a flattering silhouette, while the bright gold hardware gives this look just the right edge.

6. Durable Y-neck top with Rugged Flex stretch technology.

colorful scrub top for aestheticians

Working in a salon or spa sometimes requires a lot of physical work, especially if you work as a masseuse. For active professionals, we recommend this Y-neck top from Carhartt. It includes numerous practical details, such as a three-loop utility holder, D-ring, bungee loop, and mesh cell phone pocket, but best of all, it includes accenting knit side panels that provide extra flexibility. This top is destined to withstand heavy usage without losing its style.

7. Bright, round-neck scrub top in extra-stretchy knit.

bright scrub top with movement for massage therapists

While we’re on the topic of functional aesthetician uniforms, let’s not pass over this bright, round-knit top from Cherokee. This top features patch pockets and an interior pocket, and is made from a combination of stretch poplin and super stretchy rib knit. Best of all, it comes in over twenty-one colors, which is perfect for salons and spas with strong brand colors.

8. V-neck top with bright accents.

black V-neck scrub with bright accents

Introduce a pop of color to your look with this V-neck top from WonderWink. The contrasting piping along the neck line and matching topstitching on the pockets adds just the right amount of spark to this dark scrub top, which comes in a mechanical stretch fabric for improved comfort and mobility.

9. Classic collared scrub top with concealed snap closure.

button up scrub top

Finally, for a neat, tailored look, it’s hard to beat this collared top. The hidden snap closures create a chic, finished appearance, while two side seam pockets provide convenient storage to small necessities.

For aestheticians, finding a uniform that balances appearances and practicality is everything.

Maintaining a professional appearance is important in any industry. Fortunately, these scrub tops prove that aestheticians can find function, comfort, and style in the same top. And if you haven’t found the scrub top here that matches your needs, we have plenty more available in the scrub tops section of our store.

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