Fun and Creative Ways to Recycle or Reuse Old Scrubs

Fun and Creative Ways to Reuse and Recycle Your Old Scrubs

Caring for planet earth as well as your patients.

Your job is hard on scrubs. Unexpected stains and long, hot cycles in the wash mean that eventually every set is too faded, stained, or pilled to wear to work. So, what can you do with those old scrubs? Rather than throw them out, try a more environmentally friendly option.

Scrubs should be clean and disinfected

There’s a lot of things you can do with old scrubs, but you need to make sure that there isn’t any nasty bacteria hanging out in the fabric first. We’ve covered cleaning and disinfecting uniforms before, but if you need a quick refresher check out our step-by-step instructions.

No sew scrub crafts

Are you the kind of person who hems a ripped skirt with duct tape? Don’t worry – there are all sorts of things you can do with old scrubs that don’t require being a whiz with a needle and thread. A fun place to start is fabric flowers, which can be made by beginners as well as advanced crafters, and used to embellish clothes, textiles, and other home décor. Try these tutorials that will keep you busy for hours.

But if you can sew…

Old scrubs make great scrap fabric for all sorts of sewing projects. Tote bags, quilts, patches, the sky is the limit once you’ve cut your scrubs into usable pieces. Of course, the fabric also matches the rest of your scrubs – handy if you want to make things which coordinate for work. These beautiful and reusable surgical face masks are a nice addition to your work gear.

Donate them to a good cause

Unless your scrubs are badly stained or torn, there are some organizations that will collect them for resource-poor communities. Global Links works with national and local officials to provide healthcare to uninsured and underinsured individuals. They also promote environmental stewardship by moving medical surplus to organizations serving those communities. Global Links makes it easy to donate your gently used scrubs by providing a printable shipping label on their website.

Save them for dirty household chores

Your scrubs have already taken a beating, so why not save a pair or two for painting, gardening and all those other grubby household tasks? Just remember that some nursing etiquette says that scrubs shouldn’t be worn in public. Even if you aren’t going to or coming from your hospital shift, people will associate your scrubs with your work and may be concerned about germs.

Show your dog some love

Your puppy pal is always there waiting for you at the end of a long hard shift. Why not reward her by making a nearly indestructible rope for your next game of tug-of-war? This is an easy fun craft, and your dog doesn’t care if their next toy comes in hospital green, as long as you’re playing with it together.

Now that you’ve done your part to save the planet, why not reward yourself with some brand-new scrubs for work? The Uniform Outlet makes it easy to find all your favorite styles at affordable prices every day.

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