Back to Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets Colorful shoe and black and white shoe to feature new savvy shoe styles

Savvy shoes are a must-have in the medical industry as they are known for being easy to clean, light weight and supportive.  Savvy’s newest styles have arrived at The Uniform Outlet and are in Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets today!  They promise the same function as before with new looks to meet your style.  The variety of selections that we brought in allow you to show off your personality and walk in to work looking good from head to toe!

Savvy shoes have a host of premium features including a steel shank for arch support, an aerocushion insole and light weight material for the ultimate comfort and a leather-lined heel to enhance their durability.  Of course, you can’t forget the US certified slip-resistant outer sole!  Savvy shoes are known to fit true to size or a touch wider than normal and have been reviewed to be an investment worthwhile.  Many customers have said they felt a difference in their legs throughout the day after buying this shoe and the comfort level is top notch.

Whether you are looking for a classic look or something a little bit more adventurous, The Uniform Outlet has what you need with this new selection of Savvy Shoes, so be sure to stop in and try a pair out for yourself!

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