The Best Scrubs for Pediatric Nurses

Best Scrubs for Pediatric Nurses

Dressing to be an effective and professional pediatric nurse.

Working with small children can be difficult, requiring a nurse to have finely honed interpersonal skills. Children can’t always effectively communicate their symptoms and needs, and parents of sick children can be extremely distressed. A pediatric nurse wants to project competence and be able to quickly build rapport with small children.

It’s easy to see that medical scrubs with characters from children’s books and cartoons would appeal to young patients, but as a nurse you might wonder if you’ll really appear like a qualified professional with Winnie-the-Pooh on your medical uniform. After all, in crisis situations you want parents to trust you to care for their child. Fortunately, there is evidence indicating that friendly scrubs are viewed favorably by children and their parents alike. Here’s what we know.

What kind of scrubs for pediatric nurses work best?

A study published in the April 2009 Journal of Clinical Nursing showed that multi-colored non-conventional attire was preferred by hospitalized children and their parents. In fact, parents perceived the nurses dressed in child-friendly medical scrubs as more reliable and adequate than nurses in traditional green uniforms. Unsurprisingly the parents also saw them as more fun, less frightening, and more reassuring.

Children more often described nurses in the new medical uniforms using positive words, like “beautiful,” “patient” and “kind” and “friendly.” And, as the study points out, children in other studies of pediatric units consistently value nurses’ humanity, expecting nurses to be funny, kind, and to play with them. A more child-friendly medical uniform can reinforce a child’s perception of exactly these sorts of traits.

The study’s authors conclude that when the children’s perceptions of their nurses improve, parents also perceive them as better caregivers. So, when a pediatric nurse chooses a child-friendly set of scrubs, she is communicating to children and parents that she understands the unique set of patients she is caring for and their specific emotional and physical needs.

Where can you buy medical scrubs for pediatric nurses?

If you’re looking to purchase some kid-friendly medical scrubs of your own, check out our Tooniform’s. We have over one hundred kid-approved patterns, and we continually add new designs. Delight young patients with characters from Disney, like Doc McStuffins and BB-8, or choose something seasonal to bring some cheer to the holiday ward. If you are looking for a lab coat, we have those as well.

Ultimately, your goal as a pediatric nurse is to provide the best care for the children you see every day. When you can start a conversation about things that child is interested in you begin to build a vital connection, even if that conversation is just about a favorite cartoon character on your shirt. Not only can you make a child happier and more comfortable, you could also develop a rapport that will help them communicate life-saving information in time.

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