Finding Your Scrub Style

Finding Your Scrub Style

How to find flattering and stylish nursing scrubs for work

Maybe Steve Jobs liked wearing the same thing every day, but for the rest of us it can get boring. Nurses lead vibrant and diverse lives outside the hospital, but putting on a pair of bland nursing scrubs can instantly make you feel like a cog in the hospital machine. If you’re looking for a way to express your style at work, read on for some pro tips.

Color can say it all

There is a whole science of color psychology which studies how people react to different colors on the people around them. Want to seem trustworthy, honest and dependable? Pick a calming blue. Feeling assertive, bold and vivacious? Pick something in bright red to signal that you’re a leader. And nurses should note that people associate orange with warmth and other caring qualities. It’s an easy way to project a good bedside manner as you enter the room!

Let your feet do the talking

Nurses are on their feet all day long, so you know you have to invest in comfortable shoes to keep you grounded. This is also a great way to inject some personality into your overall look. Is your creative spirit feeling stifled in sterile halls? Let everyone know about your inner rebel with your intrepid choice in footwear. Or, if you want to project feminine chic, choose this option with its muted pastels and on-trend blush pink lining. Best of all, when you get your shoes from The Uniform Outlet, you know that you won’t sacrifice comfort for style.

Choose the best scrub style for your body type

The Uniform Outlet sells medical scrubs in huge variety of sizes, but size isn’t the only thing to think about when picking a flattering uniform shape. If you’re an hourglass, look for a top with princess seams, which create a feminine fit, and avoid loose or flaring material. Pears and apples want to frame the face and shoulders with tops that sport v-necklines. And triangles can create balance with wide-leg pants (bonus, there’s room for more pockets!).

Keep your underscrub style on point

Hospitals can be chilly to keep risk of infection at a minimum, and nurses can get cold, especially if they spend a lot of time in the operating room. Layering up is imperative, but why settle for boring white shirts? We carry comfortable knit crew neck tees from Cherokee which have a screen printed detail on the arm, which will keep you warm and add a lively note to your work ensemble. For something more subtle try this turquoise option with a delicate but modern print.

Male nurses have stylish options too

Some scrubs might but unisex, but nurses aren’t. As more and more men enter the nursing field, men scrubs choices have evolved as well. Now there are tops and bottoms tailored specifically for men’s body type. They look and feel better, letting your personal style shine through. Check out the Cherokee Infinity Men collection for a wide variety color and style options, and convenient details like zip fly pants.

The Uniform Outlet cares about finding stylish scrubs that work for you, and at the very best prices. When you go to work looking and feeling your best, you’re empowered to use your valuable skills in the workplace.

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