How to Choose the Best Dental Scrubs

How to Choose the Best Dental Practice Scrubs

The best medical scrubs for dental hygienists.

Establishing a successful dental practice requires a solid marketing plan, competitive pricing, and a quality product. That product includes the patient’s entire office experience, from excellent dental work to their perception of the practice staff and environment as a whole.

A peer-reviewed study has shown that patients prefer to see health care professionals dressed in medical scrubs or formal business attire, which means that dental hygienists showing up in jeans won’t make a great first impression. Instead, hygienists should wear scrubs, so that they look like the competent medical professionals they are. Read on for some suggestions on how to select the best dental scrubs for your practice.

Choose the right medical uniform color.

Color plays a big role in reinforcing certain associations in patient’s minds. A traditional medical blue or green will subtly emphasize your staff’s medical expertise. Black might remind your patients of a medical spa or aesthetician’s office, useful if you want your office to have more of a boutique feel.

If your practice is primarily pediatric, choosing more child-friendly medical scrubs or lab coats helps you build a connection with your patients. Reflect on the services you provide and the overall business image you are trying to cultivate as you make your final decision on scrubs. Whatever you pick in the end, try to stick a single color, or a limited range of colors, so that the staff appears coordinated.

Consider proper laundering and care.

It’s important that everyone’s scrubs stay clean and stain-free. Not only does it looks better, it also because it limits the transmission of pathogens. If you have your office staff wearing lab coats, provide a place to hang them away from other street clothes. When you have the space, consider providing a place to change and some storage for clean medical uniforms as well.

Make sure that everyone in the office is aware of the risk of transmitting infectious diseases when scrubs are worn as streetwear, either going to or coming from work. Since it’s important to launder scrubs after every use, most hygienists prefer garments with easy-care fabrics that require minimal pressing, like this stylish choice from WonderWink.

Follow industry guidelines for a professional appearance.

Long nails might be fashion forward for a night out, but not for a dental cleaning. Generally, male and female dental hygienists should adopt minimal make-up, clean and trimmed nails, and hairstyles which keep their hair up and away from their faces. Jewelry should also be subtle and not overly distracting, and definitely should not dangle in patient faces.

Men may also need to ensure that any facial hair is trimmed. These small efforts in grooming all contribute to making a dental hygienist look professional and trustworthy.

Deciding on professional attire when the dental practice doesn’t have a dress code.

Although many hygienists work in an office which already has a set dress code, some allow dental hygienists to choose their own work wear. If this applies to you, select your own set of scrubs for daily use. When you walk into the office in the morning, your patients will respond to the uniform store immediately, sensing your dedication and expertise.

Browse a huge variety of women’s scrubs and men’s scrubs. Styles at low prices from the Uniform Outlet, where shipping is free on orders over $75. Choose a color that’s flattering and a cut that fits, and you can confidently approach challenges at work knowing that you look like the qualified medical professional you are.

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