Nursing Gifts and Gear for Proud Nurses

nursing gifts and gear for proud nurses nursing scrubs

The best nursing gifts and gear to buy in 2018

Nurses save lives every day. They deserve our support and also some cool things to make their lives easier at work and at home. Whether you’re hunting for a birthday or treating yourself, here’s our guide to the coolest nursing scrubs and gear on the market. Just follow the links to stock up on all the best nursing gifts on the market.

The MDF Bravata Palm Aneroid Sphygmomanomete

Handcrafted since 1971, the MDF Bravata Palm Aneroid Sphygmomanomete is the work of two master makers, Bachmaier & Klemmer and MDF Instruments. These German-made instruments are high-precision and handcrafted. Each one is calibrated five times and individually stress-tested. It’s also ergonomically designed for ease of use. This beautifully crafted piece of equipment is a great addition to anyone’s nursing gear.

A top-rated coffee maker

Nursing gifts and gear don’t always have to be for nursing. What health professional doesn’t need some caffeine every now and then? Wirecutter, a New York Times company, named this machine the best coffee maker of 2018. You’ll need a little money to invest, but it can make a full pot in just under 7 minutes, and the automatic pre-infusion cycle will extract all the tasting notes from your coffee beans.

A gratitude journal for reflection

Nursing is a stressful profession full of difficult and occasionally tragic experiences. A gratitude journal won’t change that, but it has been shown that there are physical, mental and spiritual benefits to cultivating gratitude. This pretty little journal makes it easy to write down a few sentences every day. There are even places to sketch little pictures, or, if you’re not artistically inclined, paste in mementos. It’s a great gift for any nurse.

A stethoscope ID tag

Every nurse needs her own stethoscope, and it’s even better if it stands out from the crowd. You can always invest a high quality product that come in a bright color, like the MDF ProCardial C3 Titanium Stethoscope in emerald green. If your stethoscope could use some personalization, though, you can always buy one of these cute stethoscope ID tags. Your equipment won’t ever get lost again.

A stylish and functional lunch bag

Lunch from the vending machine is bad for you and tastes pretty terrible too. Cost-conscious nurses like to pack something healthier for their shift, and this lightweight and flexible neoprene lunch bag will hold all the snacks you need. It’s also insulated, so you don’t have to worry about your perishable items going bad. This is a thoughtful nursing gift that’s sure to be used regularly.

A great backpack for long nights at the hospital

Nurses have to bring a lot of things with them to a long hospital shift. Carry all your nursing gear in style with this Scandinavian made backpack. It’s a beautiful, practical carryall crafted from durable fabric. Although it was originally carried by Swedish schoolchildren in the ‘70s, this bag now has a cult following. The contemporary silhouette is sure to arrest and it comes in 23 different colors.

A new pair of compression socks

Nobody knows where the missing socks go – but it seems like it’s always time to replace a mismatched set with a bright new pair. Since they will be hidden under your nursing scrub pants anyway, why not pick up a set with a touch of whimsy. The polka dots are sure to make you smile on your longest shift and keep your feet feeling cozy.

Some time for self-care

And remember that the best gift you can give a nurse that you know, or yourself, is a break from the responsibilities behind hospital doors. Take your dog for a walk, spend some time with your family, or curl up with a good book. When you invest in yourself you’ll have more to give back when someone’s life depends on it.

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