How Should My Scrubs Fit?

How Should My Scrubs Fit?

Jun 27th 2024

“I hate buying scrubs!”

“I never know how they should fit, and there’s so many to choose from.”

Chances are, if you work in any industry that requires wearing scrubs you’ve felt this way at some point.

Nothing is more frustrating than thinking you found the best pair of scrubs, only to realize they don’t fit like you thought they would. They’re either too loose, too tight, or just not that comfortable.

It shouldn’t have to be this hard.

Let us help you by breaking down how your scrubs should fit.


How they fit: Loose, Baggy, Not form fitting

Enter George Clooney on E.R. These are your classic medical scrubs that have been around for years.

Most relaxed fitting scrubs are designed for a universal or unisex fit, which means both men and women can wear them. They’re typically loose fitting and styled more for function than for fashion. Sometimes these may be called “traditional fit” scrubs.

Best For: Priced conscious scrub shoppers, groups & bulk scrub orders.

What we recommend: Cherokee OriginalsWink Work


How they fit: Shaped but not tight, not as roomy as relaxed fit scrubs.

These flattering scrubs are going to show your figure a little more than relaxed fit scrubs will. Think of these as the perfect blend of comfort and function with a touch of fashion.

If you’re looking for something that gives you a little more shape than relaxed fit scrubs, but also do not want something that is completely form fitting, standard fit scrubs are a perfect choice. These may also be referred to as “modern fit” scrubs.

Best For: Price conscious fashion scrubs shoppers, groups & bulk scrub orders.

What we recommend: Healing Hands WorksWorkwear Revolution


How they fit: Contours to your body without being too tight.

Designed to fit more closely to the body, Form Fit Scrubs are going to be a tighter fit all around. Think of athletic clothing... but for healthcare! With stretchy scrub fabrics and mesh details, these are crafted for movement throughout your shifts, with fashion-forward features. These may also be referred to as “contemporary fit” scrubs.

Best For: Trendy looks, individuals who like a form-fitting look.

What we recommend: Spirit ScrubsInfinity LegacyDickies EDS Essentials

There are some other features you may want to considers when shopping for the best fitting scrubs, but knowing how you want your scrubs to fit is the first step in narrowing down your options.

Biggest takeaway – don’t stress on which scrubs to buy, use your energy elsewhere. Whether you visit us online or in-person, you’ll find scrubs for every profession, every shift, every day, and every person.