Maintaining a Professional Appearance in Nursing

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How to look your best at work

Long shifts, long nights, and hours on your feet – maintaining a professional appearance in nursing is challenging. However, dressing and grooming appropriately can make a big impact. Patients are often more willing to trust the advice of someone who looks professional and well-kept.

The good news is that with a little effort, you can look every inch the qualified medical professional no matter what happens. A few smart choices are all it takes. From hair to scrubs, we have some great tips for staying fresh and crisp all shift long.

Select Wrinkle-Resistant Fabric

Cotton scrubs are light and breathable, but they wrinkle easily. A fabric blend with a touch of rayon or spandex will add some drape and prevent unseemly wrinkles. This women’s V-neck by Carhartt is made from an innovative fabric that moves easily, with FastDry® technology that wicks away moisture for all day comfort. It has also been treated to resist stains, so laundering is a breeze.

Secure Your Hair

Having your hair falling into your face, or worse, your patient’s, is unprofessional and unsanitary. We’ve talked before about some fun and easy styles to keep your hair back while you work, but a tight bun or pony tail will do the trick. And, if you have short hair, all you need is a touch of gel to lock it in place.

Keep Make-Up Light

It certainly doesn’t hurt to have a little make-up on, which is something that studies have shown can increase people’s perception of a women’s competence. However, heavy makeup can seem out of place in a hospital. A natural look is best, without dark contrasting colors or overly bright lips.

Choose AntiMicrobial Scrubs

The Cherokee Infinity line of scrubs is crafted with Certainty® antimicrobial fabric protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast, and algae. When you’re wearing this stylish V-Neck top you’ll know that, not only do you look clean, your scrubs are working to keep you that way.

Cleanliness Counts

It may seem obvious that in a place like a hospital, where sanitation is so important, appearing unkempt or unclean matters. However, it’s worth repeating that cleanliness is critical. Showering regularly, using appropriate hygiene, and wearing unstained scrubs all make you look more qualified to care for patients.

Underscrubs Aren’t an Afterthought

Many nurses and other healthcare professionals layer to stay warm. Just remember that a stained or torn tee peeking out from underneath your scrubs can affect your whole look. Cherokee offers a great basic underscrub knit tee, available in ten versatile colors. It looks great as a layering piece, or worn on its own.

Iron Like a Pro

A quick spin through the washer and dryer is just the first step in getting your scrubs clean and ready for work. Ironing your scrubs will give them that next-level look, and it also sterilizes your medical uniform better than simply laundering them. Follow these instructions for perfectly ironed scrubs. Just remember never to iron a stain, since heat can lock these in permanently.

Ready to look your best?

Whether you’re a new nursing student, or just looking for a wardrobe refresh The Uniform Outlet has what you need. We stock a wide selection of medical uniforms, women’s scrubs, men’s scrubs, and medical accessories. We’re happy to support you in the important work you do each day.

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