What Makes the Best Women’s Scrubs?

How to find a Great Pair of Women’s Scrubs

Nursing is an incredibly diverse profession. People around the world, united by a common calling to care for others, work long hours around the clock. All of them deserve a great pair of scrubs that provide comfortable and stylish protection in the workplace. But, how do you know if you’re buying quality scrubs?

Surprisingly, you don’t have to buy a luxury brand to get a well-made pair of women’s scrubs, as long as you have some shopping savvy. If you can analyze fabric, construction, and fit, you can find a good pair of women’s scrubs at most price points.

What kind of fabric are you looking for?

The type of fabric blend that your scrubs are fashioned from makes a huge difference to the feel. Certain types of fabric are more breathable, others are softer, and others have more stretch. For a breakdown of how different scrub fabrics will function check out our detailed guide.

However, most women prefer a fabric with some drape and breathability, and a little stretch. Sanibel Stretch does a great job providing all three. The line is often compared to the fashion brand, Grey’s Anatomy, but it’s priced to be a wardrobe staple. Check out this scrub top, which rates highly for both fabric and functionality.

Which scrubs will be most comfortable on you?

Yoga pants took the world by storm, and nobody wants to sacrifice feel for function anymore. Women’s scrubs changed accordingly, and now most major brands offer lines in new stretch fabrics. In these scrubs, you’ll be able to bend over patient beds and perform lifts without ever feeling constricted by your uniform.

We like the Dickies Xtreme Stretch line in particular. This mock wrap top has a structured design and professional look but feels as comfortable as your favorite athleisure. As if that wasn’t recommendation enough, it also has three patch pockets and a utility D-ring, and side vents for breathability.

Would you like extra protection from odor?

Did you know that some women’s scrubs have been treated so that they are antimicrobial? After working a twelve-hour shift nobody feels perfectly fresh, but you can buy scrubs that have been treated to inhibit the growth of microbes that cause odor.

The Cherokee Infinity line uses Certainty® antimicrobial technology to give you the extra confidence you need on your hardest shift. Check out this beautiful round neck top, which is antimicrobial and cute too.

Do you hate ironing your scrubs?

Ironing scrubs can be a dreaded chore, especially when you’re already working long hours. The good news is that not every pair of scrubs is high maintenance. Some fabrics are specially designed to come straight from the dryer looking pressed and ready-to-wear.

The WonderWink Patience Curved Notched-Neck Top is easy to care for, thanks to a polyester and spandex fabric blend. This soft, cotton-rich stretch fabric is comfortable and resists wrinkling. The lady fit provides superior shaping, so you’ll look fabulous too.

Are you looking for women’s scrubs in a specific color?

Some hospitals mandate that medical staff wear a certain color of scrubs, either hospital-wide or determined by their job. That’s why the WonderWink Sporty Cargo pant comes in 30 vibrant colors. The pants won’t fade after a couple washes either, since the fabric is loomed out of a yarn that’s specially engineered for performance and durability.

Want a pair of affordable women’s scrubs?

If you want a great deal on your scrubs, it doesn’t hurt to shop at The Uniform Outlet. In our stores, all your favorite women’s scrubs are available at outlet prices every day. Come in and try a few pairs on, and chat with our friendly associates. We can’t wait to get you into your perfect pair.

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