4 Tips for Keeping Pet Hair Off Your Uniform at Work

4 tips for keeping pet hair off your uniform at work

Keeping pet hair off your scrubs can help maintain a professional appearance at work.

Many veterinarians are familiar with the challenges of dressing appropriately for work. How do maintain a professional appearance when your work is bound to have you covered in bodily fluids by the end of the day?

The simple answer for most vets lies in clinical scrubs, which are expected in a medical setting and satisfy many of the practical needs for a veterinarian’s daily work wear. But when working with pets all day, one common struggle for veterinarians lies in keeping pet hair off their uniforms. To help, here are four tips that can help you keep the fur under control.

1. Keep a healthy supply of lint rollers around the office.

When faced with a fluffy feline in the process of shedding a thick winter coat, there’s not much a vet can do to avoid pet hair entirely. Fortunately, once it’s on your clothes, a lit roller is a fast and effective way to take the fur off your medical uniform. Simply keep a supply on hand wherever you might need them and run them over your scrubs between pets or before a client meeting.

2. Dry your clothes with hair-removing fabric softener.

A good washing will take care of most pet hair. But some fabric softeners can go the extra mile in removing embedded hairs from your scrubs. Many brands, such as Bounce, offer dryer sheets or liquid fabric softeners that offer anti-static protection that can keep the fur away.

3. Dress in smooth fabrics and avoid plush and wool fabrics.

Thinking about wearing that wool cardigan or a soft hoodie to work? These fabrics tend to build up static electricity when attracts pet hair. More than that, the texture of wool fiber offers extra places for fur to latch on and cling to. Instead, choose smooth fabrics that don’t allow static to build up. Medical uniforms made of a smooth cotton material should be a good option.

4. Use an anti-static spray as a proactive clothing treatment.

Finally, an anti-static spray add an extra layer of protection between your clothing and excess cat hair. A quick spray with popular brands such as Static Guard won’t solve all your problems, but they can prevent hair from clinging to your clothes in the first place.

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