The 5 Best States to Be a Nurse

5 best states to be a nurse

What are the best states to be a nurse?

Graduation has come and gone. You’ve celebrated, thrown your cap, packed up your college apartment, and now you are ready to start your brand-new life as a newly minted A.S.N or B.S.N. One of the best parts of being in the healthcare profession is that there are readily available jobs everywhere, and so you can choose to settle in any of the 50 states. Still the limitless possibility can make it hard to narrow down your final choices. Luckily, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics provides some good data about the very best states to be a nurse. Based on the numbers, we’ve compiled a list taking into account a variety of factors, like salary, cost of living, number of jobs, and, of course, the weather.

Where do nurses earn the highest salary?

The top five states for nursing salaries are California, Hawaii, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, and Oregon. A nurse in California makes, on average $102,700 a year, pulling the highest salary of nurses in any state. Hawaii comes in with only slightly less, at $96,990 a year. Nurses living in Washington D.C., though it’s technically not a state, can expect to make $90,110 a year. And Massachusetts and Oregon have nearly identical median salaries at $89,330 and $88, 770 respectively.

Where are the most nursing jobs available?

Unfortunately, those high-figure salaries don’t always occur in the same places where there’s a lot of job opportunities for nurses. California, Texas, New York and Florida reported the highest numbers of working nurses in the United States. California and Texas alone are home nearly a half million employed nurses. It’s not at all surprising that two of the most populous states have more medical professionals, but it also means there are more jobs to go around. There are about twenty-six nurses in California for every one nurse in Hawaii, and you’ll likely have an easier time getting one of California’s 282,290 nursing jobs than one of Hawaii’s 10,800.

Don’t forget to take into account the costs of living.

Even though the highest salaries for nurses tend to be on the two coasts, the cost of living is dramatically lower in the Midwest and Plains states. The cost of living rankings take into account the availability of affordable housing, the costs of daily life, and the amount of money households have available. According to these calculations the most affordable state in the country is Ohio, followed by Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Nebraska. Sadly, Hawaii comes in last, with the highest cost of living and the least affordable housing in the country.

What’s the best state to be a nurse?

Out of the states with the most affordable costs of living, nurses in Michigan make on average the most, earning about $69,120 a year. Though this is substantially less than their counterparts in California, the money goes a long way in the peninsula state. Michigan also has a fairly high number of working nurses in the state, recording about a hundred thousand RNs in 2017. Home to the University of Michigan health system, which is a world class medical center, the beautiful great lakes, and thriving urban centers like Grand Rapids and Detroit, Michigan has a lot to offer nurses.

Four more great states to be a nurse…

Of course, Michigan isn’t for everyone. For a combination of great weather, job opportunities, and strong earning potential, you might settle on the golden coast in California. Sunny Texas also ranks in the top twenty states for nursing salaries and lands near the middle on the affordability index, so your dollar will stretch farther. If the Pacific Northwest is more your style, Oregon’s laid-back culture, beautiful mountains, and high salaries are certainly attractive. And on the east coast, Massachusetts offers similar salaries and a host of cultural opportunities, along with great sports, famous historical sites, and amazing ocean views, all of which might be worth the high cost of living.

Remember you have options

Nursing is one of the fastest growing fields of employment, offering great opportunities for men and women to advance professionally. Wherever you see yourself going, it’s likely that those nursing credentials can take you there. And, wherever you land the Uniform Outlet is here to support you with great deals on the scrubs and gear you need to thrive in your newfound home.





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