Best Veterinary Interview Attire

Best Veterinary Interview Attire

What to wear to a Veterinary Interview

It’s challenging to know the right way to dress for a veterinary interview. Unless the interview has been clearly defined as a working interview, you may not know whether you’ll be in a barn draining a hoof abscess or sitting in an office chatting about your credentials. However, there are still some clear do’s and don’ts of dressing for a veterinary interview. Read on to learn about the best attire for veterinary interviews in any setting.

Put your best foot forward

Working with animals, large or small, requires having both your feet firmly on the ground. Never wear open shoes to a veterinary interview, and especially not flip-flops. Wear close-toed shoes that protect your feet and provide good traction on a variety of floor surfaces. Although heels are the standard for women’s professional dress in other fields, flat shoes are best for veterinary interviews.

Stick to business casual

Unless you were specifically told to arrive wearing medical scrubs, it’s good to show up in business casual attire. It’s a bad idea to wear anything that would make it too difficult to interact with animals if interviewer asks you do something in an exam room. For women this means slacks instead of skirts, and men should avoid suits. A blazer, nice pants, and a button-down shirt are a good choice for either gender. Don’t dress too casually, though. You want to look like a professional.

Bring medical scrubs and a lab coat just in case

Many times you won’t know exactly what you need to do at the interview until you get there. It’s better to be prepared with a fresh clean pair of scrubs in your car or bag. Pick a pair that fits well, without any visible logos from other medical organizations, and make sure it is newly pressed. You want to look pulled-together when you change, since this is your moment to show that you’re a medical professional. If you have a lab coat bring this as well, since you can quickly throw it over your business outfit to see a dog or a cat at a small practice without fully changing into men’s scrubs.

Be timeless not trendy

This isn’t the day to show off your most cutting-edge look. Choose clothes that are comfortable and timeless and not too revealing. You want the interviewer to be focused on your resume skills, not your outfit. Don’t wear anything that is too expensive or fashionable, so you appear ready to dive in and demonstrate any practical skills that the interviewer wants to see. Men and women should stick to traditional colors and patterns in durable fabrics that allow a range of motion.

Appropriate attire for a large animal interview

If you know that you’re going out to a farm, you need to wear appropriate farm clothing. Your outfit will be mainly covered by your boots and coveralls, but there are some things to remember. You will need to be in pants, so that the coveralls fit properly, and men and women with long hair should pull it back so it’s out of the way during any dirty task. Women should have short trimmed nails, since longer nails can hurt animals during a rectal exam.

Dress for success

Finally, remember that your prospects are far more likely to be damaged by showing up looking dirty, sloppy, or unprofessional than they are by being a little more turned out than other candidates. Show up looking ready to land the job and you’ll be sure to make a strong first impression.

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