What can you use all these scrub pockets for?!

scrub pocket with stethoscope

What do you need on you at all times, and what pocket can you put them in?

It probably comes as no surprise to you that pockets are a deciding factor for many nurses as they chose their uniforms. From their size to their number and positioning, pockets are one of those practical details that can make your shift quietly easier or add silent frustration to the entire day.

So, we thought we’d take a moment to break down the types of pockets commonly found on nurse uniforms, and how you can use them. We hope it will be useful the next time you have to pick up a set of scrubs!

Front patch pockets

The patch pockets that appear on the front of your scrubs are some of the most common and convenient. They’re great for holding medium-to-large items that you need to access quickly, like gloves, your stethoscope, or a quick snack. Just make sure they’re deep enough so that nothing falls out when you bend over!

Breast pocket

The breast pocket on a uniform is the classic choice for storing pens or clipping identification cards. Its smaller size means you don’t have to fish around for smaller objects, but it can be somewhat awkward as well. Some men also like to slip their cell phones in this pocket, but the added weight can pull on the neckline. Plus, bulkier objects tend to slip out when you lean over, so we recommend storing them elsewhere.

Back pockets

Items in back pockets have a bad habit of falling out or getting crushed whenever you sit down. This might not be as much of a problem with tighter-fitting clothing, but it is the case with scrub uniforms. Plus, a lot of those items are uncomfortable to sit on, anyway. On the other hand, items in a back pocket aren’t subject to falling as you’re making a bed or turning a patient. So, it really depends on what your tasks are for the day!

Front pant pockets

These are the most secure and convenient pockets on your uniform. While they’re not as accessible as the patch pockets on your scrub top, they’re perfect for your wallet, cell phone, or keys. However, if you plan to use these pockets a lot, we’d recommend picking a uniform top that doesn’t get in the way. You may find that shorter cut style might be more convenient.

Shoulder patch pocket

Honestly, we’ve never figured out what this one is for. You could try clipping your ID to it, or storing some vending machine change where it won’t get lost.

Choose the uniform style that fits your activities.

Pockets can be fun as well as functional, but their main purpose is to be convenient. Make sure your scrubs have the pockets you need, that they’re deep enough, and that they won’t be prone to snagging and tearing. Shop men’s scrubs at The Uniform Outlet today!

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