Walk a Mile in Our Shoes: Foot Care for Nurses

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Why nurses need to take care of their feet

Nurses spend a lot of time on their feet. A shift can feel like a marathon. By the end your feet are sore, your ankles are swollen, and even finally sitting down doesn’t bring much relief. It’s time for tired nurses to practice some self-care and soothe their aching toes. It’s not all about looks either – problems with your feet can affect your entire body. You’ll not only develop podiatric afflictions like bunions calluses and corns, you might suffer from back and joint pain.

While there are some things that you may not be able to change, like the shape of your feet, there are other things you can do to foster foot health. Sometimes it’s clear what needs to change, like avoiding high heels or finding a shoe with a cushioned sole, but there are other things that nurses may not even realize they should do. It doesn’t take much but some small efforts can make a big difference.

Soak your feet after a long shift

Warm water solves a lot of foot related woes. It’s the things you add to your foot bath though, that can will make this a healing experience. Avoid concentrated Epsom salts, which can dry the your already cracked skin. Instead, choose a softening foot soaks with natural oils, like this one. When you are done, dry your feet completely. Moist warm skin is a breeding ground for yeast and fungus.

Shop for shoes at the right time of day

Did you know your feet expand as the day goes on? When you try on shoes in the morning you may think that a narrow fit feels comfortable, but that same shoe might feel excruciatingly tight by the end of the day. When you shop for shoes or even order some pairs to try on at home, do it at the end of the day so that you get a true fit.

Alternate the shoes that you wear to work

You should not wear the same pair of shoes every day, even if you’ve found a brand that you adore. It’s better for your foot to alternate between pairs of shoes, which subtly changes the pressure points on your foot bed. Because of this, you should invest in a few different pairs of work shoes so that you can swap the ones you wear between shifts.

Avoid flip-flops even when you aren’t at the hospital

Flip-flops and other shoes without any arch support are actually bad for your feet. Without supportive footwear your arches can fall, which will lead to other foot problems in the long run. We all need some casual shoes but look for sandals that are supportive and have good traction for stability. Over time your feet will thank you.

Feet change and so should your foot care

Feet don’t stay the same forever. Gaining weight, getting older, or experiencing a pregnancy can all change the size and needs of your feet. Instead of trying to make your old favorite shoes work, be attentive to what your feet need now.  Don’t hold on to pairs of shoes that may actually be hurting your feet in irreparable ways.

Treat yourself to the occasional pedicure

Sometimes it’s just good to have someone else do the hard work. Of course, if you are going to get a pedicure make sure the place you frequent is clean and well-reviewed and doesn’t use sharp instruments to clip back your cuticles or file your callouses. These can put you risk of catching dangerous infections.

Look into custom orthotics

If you are having severe foot pain, and related back and leg pain, the simplest solution to visit a podiatrist and be fitted for a custom orthotic insert. These fit into your shoes and are tailored to your foot. These inserts can address a whole range of issues, although the podiatrist may need to create a more comprehensive treatment plan for serious problems.

Invest in quality footgear and Women’s Scrubs

Many of our foot issues are self-inflicted. Even though we spend so much time on our feet, most of us return to our battered old favorite pairs of shoes, indifferent to the damage that we are doing. Still, nurses spend so much time on their feet that they really should invest in quality footgear. There are more options than ever these days and whatever works for you we probably have it in stock here at The Uniform Outlet.

Some of our latest favorites are from Reebok’s fall 2018 line. The new Reebok Jet Dash Ride 6 has a padded foam sockliner and DMX moving air technology for superior comfort and support. Pick up Reebok’s Astro Flex Fold at the same time, and enjoy the soft coziness of its 100% cotton upper. If you’re ready to step out in comfort, add one or both of these great athletic shoes to your next order of women’s scrubs. With free shipping on every order over $75, there’s never been a better time to take care of your feet.






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