How to Get the Best Deal on Your Medical Scrubs

how to get the best deal on your medical scrubs

Finding the best medical scrubs for your budget is about more than price.

Anyone who works regular hours in a clinical setting understands the importance of a good pair of scrubs and finding the best deal on medical scrubs. The search for comfortable, durable, fashionable scrubs that don’t cost an arm and a leg often leads buyers toward bargain deals that seem like a good deal at first, but don’t stand the test of time. After all, if your uniform needs to be replaced every few months, the cost can begin to add up.

So, how can you find a good deal on medical scrubs without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality? Here are a few tips.

Order multiple items to save on shipping.

If you’re only ordering one or two items online, the cost of shipping can eat up part of your uniform budget. Instead, wait till you’re ready to place a larger order, and take advantage of the free shipping. Can’t wait? Talk to your colleagues and see if they’d like to share an order with you. We offer free shipping on all orders over $75. Between you and a friend, that’s not a hard number to beat!

Look for a little cotton.

Polyester and rayon are common synthetic fibers used in fabrics to cut costs. However, they fade faster than natural fibers, and show wear faster along seam lines. A little bit of cotton in the fabric content can help uniforms wear better over time.

That’s not to say an all synthetic uniform is a bad deal—plenty of high-quality uniforms are made with synthetic fibers. You should also expect to see spandex or nylon listed in uniforms with some stretch or in anything with an elastic waistband. But if you’re buying from an unfamiliar brand—or if you think a price might be too good to be true—a cotton blend in a good sign.

Appearances matter.

An ill-fitting, stained, or faded pair of scrubs can lower our confidence at work, and can made a poor impression on others. That means that, if you happen to choose a pair of scrubs that stain easily or wear down quickly, you could be faced with an unattractive choice: either replace your scrubs faster than you intended, or continue wearing a uniform that’s letting you down.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options on scrubs that can look stylish without costing too much. Also, don’t miss our tips on keeping stains out of your medical scrubs. It can help your uniforms last longer.

Choose scrubs that will last.

Price isn’t the only factor in what makes something a “good deal.” Cheap scrubs that wear down quickly, attract stains, or fade in just a few washings could cost you more money in the long run than a slightly more expensive brand made of more durable materials. Pay attention to customer reviews and focus on the best value for your money, rather than on a low price point.

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