How to Keep Your Nursing Shoes Pristine

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Making your nursing shoes last through every mishap

Just like a marathoner needs her perfect sneakers to cross that finish line, a nurse needs great shoes to make it through her shift. The right nursing shoe helps with posture and gait, alleviates back pain, and protects your feet during the messiest jobs. Through it all, your shoes take a beating and after investing in a couple expensive pairs you might be wondering how to make them last. The good news is that with a little expert TLC your nursing shoes will make it through almost anything. And that’s good – because almost everything does happen at the hospital!

What kind of shoe do you have?

Unsurprisingly, different shoes require different sorts of care. Each material has it’s own cleaning protocol, and some nursing shoes are a composite of various materials. Delicate mesh panels need to be cleaned differently than canvas, which needs to be cleaned differently than leather. Take a good look at your shoes. You probably already know generally what material they are made of, but check for mesh inserts or any other details that might need a special cleaning technique.

Removing marks from plastic soles

Especially on white sneakers, the scuffs and streaks on a plastic sole can quickly make the whole shoe look dirty. Luckily, this is one of the least delicate parts of the shoe, so you can be a little more aggressive with your cleaning technique. Use a Magic Eraser and scrub gently at any dirt or discoloration. Of course, brush or rinse any large patches of dirt off before you begin, so that you don’t inadvertently spread it around.

Cleaning leather nursing shoes

Leather shoes are durable and user friendly, easy to wipe clean, and naturally stain resistant. If you really want to go the extra mile, pick up some sneaker cleaner to gently restore your leather shoes. Not ready to make a special purchase? You can actually use a common household item to erase scuffs and stains on leather sneakers. Grab a toothbrush and some toothpaste and tackle the dirty crevices on your leather shoe for a good-as-new look.

Cleaning canvas or mesh nursing shoes

Mesh gives running shoes their fabulous breathability, but it’s easy to tear and damage as you clean it. Again, sneaker cleaner is your best friend here, and your canvas shoes will do great with a sneaker cleaner too. You can also brush canvas or mesh fabric nursing shoes with a solution of very mild dish soap and cold water, and then rinse them clean. Don’t ever throw them in the washing machine or dryer, as the heat and agitation can cause permanent damage.

Don’t forget your shoelaces

Whatever kind of shoe you have, you’re going to want to clean your laces separately. Dirty shoelaces can make your whole shoe look dirty. Luckily, shoelaces are tough and durable and can easily go into the washing machine. Still, if you aren’t getting the clean look you want, just pick up a new pair. Your expensive nursing shoes are worth a new set of laces now and again.

Store your nursing shoes properly

Sometimes you quite literally need to give your shoes a break. To fight moisture, bacteria, and odor let your nursing shoes dry out between wears, for at least twenty-four hours. The simplest way to do this to put your shoes in a dry dark place but if you want to invest a little in the health of your shoes, buy a cedar shoe tree. The wood absorbs moisture and imparts a clean, pleasant scent.

Taking preventative measures

Before someone vomits all over your kicks, it pays to spray them with a water and stain repellant. Inexpensive and widely available these protectant sprays are a great way to keep your nursing shoes clean and looking fresh. Just remember that if your nursing shoes are leather, you’ll need to buy one that is specifically designed to protect and condition without damaging the material.

Cleaning the inside of your shoes

It can be a bit tricky to clean the inside of shoes, since, as we’ve said already, throwing them in the washer is a bad idea. Still, there are some things you can do. First, remove any sole inserts that could be cleaned separately. Then, run a wet sponge dipped in a mixture of mild detergent and water around the inside of your shoe. When you’re finished, absorb the excess water with a dry cloth and let the shoes air dry.

Squeaky clean and good as new

A good pair of shoes is worth a little trouble. With the proper care your nursing shoes can last for years and see you through the longest of shifts. You can also check out our guide for choosing a good pair of nursing shoes here, or visit our online store and start shopping. Let’s put our best foot forward this year!

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