Your Next Vera Favorite…

You have a Vera Bradley lanyard, overnight duffle (in almost every print!), and even a Vera Bradley phone case – why not add to your collection with Vera Bradley scrubs?!

At first when we were told Vera Bradley was coming out with a scrub line we prepared ourselves for bold prints and a frenzy of nurses, vet-techs, and dental hygienists clambering over their favorites. The prints did not disappoint! If you are looking for something bold the Modern Medley and Heritage Paisley prints are perfect. If you like something more subdued, try the Midnight Floral Pewter print or the Dream Tapestry option.

Vera Bradley Scrubs Vera Bradley Scrubs Vera Bradley Scrubs Vera Bradley Scrubs

What we didn’t expect was the essence of Vera Bradley to take over solids as well.

This line took great care to highlight small details and bring the Vera Bradley branding through every piece. The solids have quilted shoulder and pocket detail – quintessential of Vera Bradley products. They also have small patterned details popping color like on the inner hems and neckline.

Vera Bradley Scrubs

Lastly, Vera Bradley took great care to ensure their line was crafted to the tastes of their customers. Notched necklines provide tasteful detail to your work wardrobe while shallow v-necks offer great coverage while maintaining style.

The Vera Bradley line has been released on our website and will be arriving in stores soon. Be sure to try a set of these scrubs, and buy one for your best friend, too!

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