Scrub Tops and Bottoms for Massage Professionals

Take a look at our top 10 scrubs for massage therapists and workers at salons and spas.

Maintaining a professional appearance is valuable no matter what your job. But in medical and personal care professions, it is even more important to choose a uniform that conveys cleanliness and hygiene. Because of this, massage therapists, masseuses, and salon and spa workers often choose scrubs both for their comfort and movability, and the sense of professionalism they communicate.

The qualities of a good pair of scrubs are varied, but the most important aspects are ease of movement and durability. While some salon and spa workers choose scrubs with a little more style, massage therapists tend to prefer plainer, understated scrubs that put function over form.

So, if you are a massage therapist, masseuse, or spa worker, here are ten scrub tops and bottoms that we believe will be the perfect fit for your profession.

1. Shaped V-Neck Top by HeartSoul

This V-Neck Top by HeartSoul comes in twenty-two colors and is one of the perennial favorites in our store. Featuring patch pockets, interior pockets, and a bungee loop, this top has plenty of the details that are so valuable to massage professionals. With 5% Spandex in the fabric, it has just enough stretch to help you move comfortably while you work.

2. V-Neck 3 Pocket Top from Sanibel Works

The 3 Pocket Top by Sanibel Works checks all the boxes. The cotton poplin fabric content contributes to the breathability of this top, which also features three pockets and a shoulder loop. The affordable price makes it an excellent top to choose if you need to stock up.

3. Charlie Y-Neck Fashion Top by WonderWink

We love the pop of color in the Charlie top from WonderWink. Made from a poly-cotton blend, the mock wrap style of this top is flattering as well as movable. It comes with plenty of practical details as well, including plenty of pockets, a bungee loop, and an invisible three-part accessory loop.

4. Mock Wrap Knit Panel Top by WonderWink

We love how the side panels on this top from WonderWink give it a slightly sporty vibe. Massage is an active profession, and after doing it for a while it’s easy to work up a sweat. This top will keep pace with you, and the Four-Stretch fabric will keep the top feeling soft and breathable all day. The yellow utility loop is a handy detail for anyone needing a place to hang a pump bottle of massage oil for easy access.

5. Women’s Multi-Seam Sporty Top

We said that durability was a top concern for massage professionals, and that is exactly what WonderWink’s Women’s Multi-Seam Sporty Top offers. The Four-Stretch fabric helps the masseuse move easily so that no part of the top is pulled or strained too much, and the extra stitching ensures the seams won’t rip through.

6. V-Neck Top from Cherokee Workwear

This V-Neck Top by Cherokee Workwear is a workplace staple for many massage professionals. With a number of loops and slots, it’s easy for nurses to keep track of their equipment and any IDs that they may carry with them. With princess seams, side vents, and double needle topstitching, it’s sure to present a flattering appearance without compromising quality.

7. WonderWink Y-Neck Top

This WonderWink’s Y-Neck Top is perfect for a masseuse who wants to order something that is sure to look great, but doesn’t want to stand out too much. With multiple pockets and extra stretchy material, it comes with many of the practical features you should look for in a profession that requires extra movement and flexibility.

8. WonderWink Faith Multi-Pocket Cargo Pant

You can never be short on pockets. These cargo-style scrubs from WonderWink offer six large pockets to hold anything you might need, as well as bungee loops and other details that add functionality. And, of course, they are constructed of extra stretchy knit fabric and double-stitched in the seams for added durability.

9. Natural Rise Tapered Pull-On Cargo Pant from Cherokee Workwear

These scrub bottoms from Cherokee Workwear offer a slightly more chic silhouette than many others. The natural waistline and tapered legs give this look a slight sense of style without losing any points to comfort. The pants also come with a cell phone and scissors pockets, and they are available in two dozen colors.

10. Elastic Waist Pull-on Cargo Pant by Sanibel

These cargo scrubs with an elastic waist offer excellent freedom of movement, which works well with the flattering straight leg cut. With both cargo pockets and a back pocket, these scrub bottoms are an excellent choice for any massage therapist or masseuse who wants professional scrubs but also doesn’t want to lose track of where their smartphone is. These pants include side vents and double topstitching for durability and to accommodate active professionals.

Don’t stress about your scrubs.

While you’re working to relieve the stress of your clients, you want to feel as natural and as comfortable as possible. With these scrub tops and bottoms for massage professionals, you will never have to worry about looking messy, or about not having the ease of movement you need to do your job.

And, with the range of colors available, you can choose bright scrubs that match your brand colors, or go for a neutral tone if you want to maintain a chic aesthetic. Either way, these scrubs will keep you looking professional all day long.

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