Seven Ways to Celebrate Nurses During Nurses’ Week

7 ways to celebrate nurses during nurses week image with clapping hands

Great ideas for celebrating the talented nurses in your life

Who deserves three cheers and a raise? The hardworking, selfless nurses in your life that give 110% to their patients every single day. That’s why you should take some time on nurses’ week to celebrate the nurses you know. Whether it’s treating one special nurse in your life, or the whole unit, here are seven great ideas for celebrating nurses’ week.

Coffee is love

Working the midnight shift again? Bring in coffee for everyone and personalize the coffee sleeves with an encouraging note. A few positive affirmations and a jolt of caffeine can make someone’s night. If you’d rather let people make their own selections, bring in gift cards to your favorite java spot.

Give the gift of rest

Give a nurse a good night’s sleep by making a homemade sleep kit. Wrap up an eye mask, a meditation playlist, and some soothing aromatherapy oils, like lavender and chamomile, to help her get some much needed ZZZs.

Say thank you

Sometimes it’s hard to express what we want to say in person. Try writing down your thoughts in a card, or even just on a post-it note. We all love to sometimes hear that what we’re doing is seen and appreciated. It doesn’t take much to make someone feel special.

Provide some healthy snacks

Having a high-pressure job can make it hard to eat well. A few prepacked healthy snacks can make a long shift so much better, and it doesn’t take that much time to do. Just fill a few containers with some trail mix and veggies and put them in a pretty bag with a bow to make it look more festive.

Post a public shout-out

If your hospital has social media accounts, this is a great time to feature a few of your superstar nurses or post a picture of the whole team. A little public recognition is a great morale booster and is a great way to use nurses’ week to highlight the great work your staff is doing.

Celebrate with nurses’ week discounts

Did you know that some businesses offer great nurses’ week freebies and discounts? You can get a free sandwich at Potbellies, or score some free Kindle books from Amazon. Check your local business establishments to see if there are any special promotions going on for nurses’ week.

Spoil her with a Sanibel Scrubs Warm-Up jacket

Hospitals are chilly. A quality warm up jacket is a staple item that every nurse appreciates, especially one these professional looking jackets from Sanibel Scrubs. The Sanibel Scrubs Warm-Up Jacket features front and back princess seams, front darts for shape, front patch pockets with an extra utility pocket and knit cuffs.

Happy Nurses’ Week from all of us at The Uniform Outlet

We couldn’t be prouder to be the uniform store serving so many hardworking and dedicated nurses. Whether you are visiting us in store or online, remember that at the Uniform Outlet we are committed to providing quality medical uniforms and friendly service to each nurse that visits our store. We couldn’t be more impressed by everything you do!

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