Six Jobs for Nurses Outside of the Hospital

6 jobs for nurses outside the hospital

Finding a nursing job you love beyond the hospital walls

Have you ever wondered about jobs for nurses outside of the hospital? It’s easy to get burned out after working in the hospital for years. The long hours on your feet can be draining, and the intensity of seeing the worst of patient crises can be as well. Even for people who otherwise thrive in the fast-paced hospital environment eventually long for more stable hours. Just because you’re done with rotating shifts and working the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t keep using your nursing degree.  Here are six jobs for nurses outside the hospital setting.

Nursing job for teachers: Clinical Educator

Clinical nurse educators train new and aspiring nurses. You will work in a classroom although you will probably spend some time training young nurses in clinical settings as well. These nurses hold at least a baccalaureate and sometimes a master’s degree and have significant experience in the field of nursing. Many of them have years of experience in a particular specialty, like geriatric nursing. They work in the classroom teaching and developing curriculum, so some training in educational theory is also important.  Nurse educators must have the requisite education, strong critical thinking and communication skills, and a solid clinical background.

Nursing job for nurses who care: Hospice Nurse

A hospice nurse provides end-of-life care to terminally ill patients, usually outside of the hospital. Although there are a number of hospitals that have dedicated hospice care, and excellent hospice centers around the country, it is most likely that you will work with an organization that provides in-home hospice care. This is one of the jobs for nurses outside of the hospital that can be challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. Your work will be varied and challenging; you will be on a team with other people who are passionate about their work; and you will make a real difference in the lives of your patients and their families.

Nursing Job for tech lovers: Nursing Informatics

Information technology is a growing field, making this a great choice for nursing jobs outside of the hospital. These nurses use health information systems to communicate or manage patient data, integrating nursing science with multiple information and communication technologies. This means that they may work with developers to help them understand how clinicians will use the technology or go into hospitals and evaluate the existing systems. They fill important roles as educators, researchers, software engineers, implementation consultants, chief information officers and more.

Nursing job for problem-solvers: Nurse Researcher

A nurse researcher designs studies, analyzes data, and reports their results. Nurse researchers are on the front lines of some of the most critical and exciting medical studies that happen today. These nurses do work in hospitals, but also have jobs outside of the hospital in medical clinics and research laboratories. Although often a part of a larger research team, some nurse researchers have the opportunity to create and implement their own medical studies. Sometime nurse researchers write and publish as well. When the next great lifesaving drug appears on the market, a nurse researcher will have been part of making that happen.

Nursing job in the community: Public Health Nurse

Public health nurses are employed by the state or other government entities to care for the health of the broader community. These nurses work in schools, community organizations that provide disaster relief, correctional facilities, and community health clinics. Our country depends on these nurses working in the community not the hospital. If you love providing patient care, but you are tired of the hospital setting, you might enjoy a career as a public health nurse.

Nursing job on the high seas: Cruise Ship Nurse

It may sound like a fantasy, but it’s a real job (the reality hits when you see the size of your paycheck). Most nurses who do this earn far less than they could working in a hospital. However, you’ll see some beautiful places and there is usually a well-equipped medical facility on board, complete with labs, X-ray equipment and more. Plus, you’ll have an interesting mix of cases – everything from seasickness to more serious issues like cardiac arrest.

The choice is yours…

With a versatile and in-demand degree today’s nurses have many choices for jobs outside of the traditional hospital setting. Nurses tired of working in hospitals have plenty of options for a second career. With the right experience and training, you’ll easily find a job that you can love. If you’re looking for scrubs that you love too, check out the new colors in our Sanibel Scrubs line. Until you have the job you love, you can look great at the job you have!

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