Veterinary Scrubs that Hide Pet Hair

Veterinary Scrubs that keep you looking professional all day

Vets love animals – and the hair that comes with them. Yes, it’s a little annoying to pull a dog hair out of that peanut butter sandwich you brought to work for lunch, but it comes with the territory. Spending all day with our favorite pets means hair on pretty much everything and it’s totally worth it.

When it comes to dressing for work, though, it’s important to look like a professional. Nobody wants to greet a new patient looking disheveled and hair-covered. Apart from keeping a lint roller handy, you can also purchase veterinary scrubs which hide stray pet hairs. Lighter fabrics and busy patterns will disguise a few strands far better than dark, solid colors.

While certain veterinary scrub brands are known for their use of pattern and color, like Vera Bradley, most premium scrubs lines have a few options that work well. If you have a preferred brand, it’s just a matter of savvy shopping.

Below we list a few of our favorite patterned veterinary scrubs and accessories. Feeling adventurous? Try them all and take advantage of free shipping on orders over $99. Your furry friends will thank you.

WonderWink Verity Print Top

Want a scrub top that moves with you during the day? WonderWink WonderFLEX is all about amazing fit and durable, stretch fabric. This particular style is a best seller, probably because of it’s flattering ‘Lady’ fit with two front body darts, side vents and triple-needle stitching. The roomy pockets keep your tools handy, and the gorgeous print is eye-catching and modern.

Moonlit Rosette Print Top by Carhartt

Being a vet is dirty work, and you have to worry about more things than just hair getting on your uniform. That’s why innovative new stain-resistant fabrics are game changing. The Carhartt Force technology fights stains from the start, so that your scrubs look pristine for longer. The fabric is also moisture wicking, keeping you cool through the toughest jobs. This is a pair of veterinary scrubs that work hard.

Audrey V-Neck Print Top by Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley’s signature prints make this women’s scrubs line stand out from the rest. You might already be familiar with the bright bags that grace malls across America, and the fabric of these scrubs are just as whimsical and fashion-forward. This eye-catching paisley top is the perfect mix of six bright colors accented with pewter taping on the inside of the back neck. When it comes to prints, you can always count on Vera Bradley.

River Lilies V-Neck Top by Zoe + Chloe

The Zoe + Chloe scrubs brand aims to bring smiles to patients with cheerful and adorable prints. Each design is chosen carefully, and the fabrics are amazingly soft and well-tailored. The lily on this top symbolizes strength and everlasting beauty. It’s the most affordable scrub top on our list but it’ll make you feel like a million dollars.

Stallion Stride Print Top by Carhartt

Why not showcase your love of animals and sweet style all at once? We had to feature this darling top by Carhartt, which comes in a stallion print. Violet and navy horses canter across a pewter and white field, on a fabric that’s treated with the stain resistant Carhartt Force technology. It couldn’t be a more perfect choice for a vet.

Looking for something else?

Need a scrub cap, anti-microbial shoes, or a new pair of flattering scrub pants? Check out the rest of our online store for great deals on everything you love. We’re here to support you with quality veterinary scrubs at low prices, so that you can get back to doing the important work.


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