Why the World Needs More Men in Nursing

Why the world needs more men's scrubs in nursing

Reasons that men in nursing come out on top

The changing economy and more relaxed attitudes about gender roles mean that more men are going into nursing. The stigma around men in nursing is fading. Even though 90% of registered nurses are still female, the number of male nurses has been rising steadily over the last fifty years. People are beginning to recognize the great things that male nurses bring to this traditionally female dominated field. Here at the Uniform Outlet, we believe that male nurses have a lot to offer. Here are five reasons we think the world needs more men in nursing.

Men can sometimes make other men feel more comfortable

The New York Times recently reported on a male nurse who found that his patients in the VA hospital in D.C. are at ease with him because he is a “big burly guy with a beard.” Some men are more at ease having some of the traditional nursing duties handled by someone of their own gender. This improves patient communication and comfort.

Male nurses have true job security

The recent ups and downs in the economy have been hard on male workers in particular. It doesn’t help that many men who’ve been laid off from union jobs struggle to find other work with comparable benefits and compensation. Nursing offers a healthy paycheck, solid benefits, and it can never be out-sourced or automated. Plus, every day you can feel good about the work you do.

Men can flourish after a mid-career change into nursing

The popular job-search website, Monster.com, reports that men who buck social convention and join the ranks of nurses mid-career find that their other work experience can be an asset. Combined with a nursing degree, men with previous experience in business can find rewarding work in healthcare administration or management. You can retool your experience to serve patients in new ways.

Male nurses are on the frontlines of healthcare

In tired old stereotypes the nurse plays second-fiddle to the all-powerful doctor. The reality is that nurses make critical judgments about patient care. Often the nurse is the first person to see a patient, and the first to notice if something seriously wrong. They are an essential part of the healthcare team. Men looking for more independence and excitement at work can find those things as a nurse.

Nurses of either gender can expect better than average pay

Nursing is reliably well-paying and one of the fastest growing professions in the United States. A graduate straight out of school can expect to make $60,000. This means that a young nurse falls somewhere between the 70th and 80th percentile on the income bracket. With the possibility overtime, even new nurses can increase their base pay substantially. Even better, a nurse with ten years of experience can expect to make much more.

Resources for men in nursing

If you’re looking for support as a man in the nursing field, check out the American Association for Men in Nursing. The organization aims to increase the number of men in nursing and to professionally support men who are nurses. It offers scholarships, as well as supporting research, education, and the dissemination of information about men’s health.

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